Community Rewards Program

Please review all terms and conditions before continuing to the Customer Registration Form.

Frequent travelers of the Cline Avenue Bridge have an opportunity to earn discounted tolls and save money. Program enrollment is not automatic. Customers must fully complete the Customer Registration Form and provide all the required information. After submitting the form, allow at least 3 business days for a confirmation email to the email used during the registration process. If you have any questions or if you do not receive a confirmation email after 5 business days, please email us at

  1. You are applying to receive a discount on tolls paid for crossing the Cline Avenue Bridge in East Chicago, Indiana. If approved, you will receive a discount for qualifying tolls while enrolled.

  2. Discounts will be based off your trips and evaluated monthly to validate enrollment eligibility.

  3. The discount will be calculated by Cline Avenue Bridge, LLC based on transponder data, and will be applied on future trips once the qualifying criteria is met. Your transponder must be funded, your license plate number must match your transponder account.

  4. Your E-ZPass/I-Pass account must be funded and in good standing to receive the discount. Maintain your eligibility by making 10 or more trips per month.

  5. Discounts are only applied to tolls paid using a valid E-ZPass/I-Pass transponder, please follow the recommended mounting instructions provided by the issuing agency. You will see 2 trips at regular price quarterly.

  6. This program only applies to travel on the Cline Avenue Bridge. Other surrounding tolls are excluded.

  7. The Cline Avenue Bridge reserves the right to modify and/or cancel the discount program at any time. Enrolled customers will be notified, and discounts would be honored through the modification or cancellation date.

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