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Why Did I Receive a Cline Avenue Bridge Pay By Plate Notice?

You traveled through the Cline Avenue Bridge toll zone without the system recognizing a valid E-ZPass or I-PASS toll collection device. If you receive a Cline Avenue Bridge Pay by Plate notice and have an E-ZPass or I-PASS account, it may mean your license plate is not listed on your account, the license plate information on the account is inaccurate, or there may be something wrong with your account.

Although Cline Avenue Bridge accepts EZ-Pass and I-PASS, the toll facility is a separate entity from E-ZPass and I-PASS. Please refer to your E-ZPass or I-PASS customer service details for the best way to review or update your account information.

What is a Pay by Plate Account?

When a vehicle passes through the Cline Avenue Bridge toll zone and the toll payment is not made through E-ZPass or I-PASS, an image of the vehicle's license plate will be captured by the overhead toll cameras. The license plate data is used to obtain the registered owner's name and address from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. A Pay by Plate account is created and notices are sent to the registered owner.

What Happens If I Don't Pay?

Failure to pay tolls within the designated time frame is considered a Toll Violation in accordance with IN Code 9-21-3.5-14(b) and results in assessment of additional fees and enforcement actions; including but limited to: potential referral to a third-party collection firm, as well as withholding the vehicle's registration renewal.

Valor Intelligent Processing, LLC (VIP) has been assigned to service your collections account and the outstanding balance for Cline Avenue Bridge. All previous communications from TES, LLC have been transferred to Valor Intelligent Processing. There will be no changes in how you access your account and account history, or process payments.

Did you receive a collection invoice from Valor Intelligent Processing, LLC (VIP) on behalf of Cline Avenue Bridge? Please call 1-800-733-7795 or log onto your account to review your account details.